What are the Benefits of Adventure Education?

This article first appeared in School House magazine Summer 2017. Co authored with Nicola Ainger

Adventure on your Doorstep

Setting the scale of adventure for young people. This article first appeared in Attain magazine Autumn 2015. Co authored with Nicola Ainger

Advice for Assessent Centres

Having seen many candidates both succeed and fail at assessment centres, here are six tips for ensuring that you present yourself at your best.

A Taste for Adventure

How Thick is the Ice?

Thoughts on what an Ice Breaker is and what purpose it serves in group dynamics.

Stone Soup

“It's the tastiest soup you'll ever eat”

An Empire Built on Tea

Is tea the most powerful social lubricant in British life?

The Pessimistic Crab

A carabiner to help you when it all goes wrong on the rockface.

How do you cope with pressure?

Listen to how an air traffic controller deals with a crash at London Heathrow.

How to write an Outdoor CV

In an industry where people move from organisation to organisation frequently and many staff are seasonal, it can sometimes feel like life in the outdoors is one continual job hunt. some advice for people who are either writing their CV for the first time, or are updating it before applying for full time jobs or freelance positions.

Do you know what your Job is?

This story from the days of the Apollo missions is probably apocryphal but it does raise an interesting point about the difference between job descriptions and vision

PHP Function for turning Degrees into Cardinal Directions

A PHP function that takes an angle in degrees and returns the closest cardinal direction to that angle.

Walking Tall

What Adventure Education brings to school life. First Published in School House Magazine.

Big Screen Magic

Using a slide-show for reflection at the end of an adventure programme.

What Have You Bruised Recently?

If you are learning a physical skill, mistakes often result in bruises, little badges of honour marking your achievement.

The Kranz Dictum

After three astronauts died under his watch Gene Kranz, Apollo Flight Director had some powerful words for his team.

Meeting the Old Man

Article published in Vertical magazine about climbing the Old Man of Hoy in the Orkneys.