Trip Reports and Notes

Trips Catalogue

A incomplete but growing list of adventures and expeditions around the world.

Mid-Winter Camp

While fun and relaxing, Christmas often lacks much in the way of excitement. To counteract this, a handful of friends set off on the 29th December to stay in the woods for the night

High Society Dining

They wouldn't tell me what I was going to be doing for my stag weekend. All I was told was to turn up in Nant Peris and to bring my black tie evening suit.

Exploring the BVI by Kayak

Circumnavigating the BVI by kayak in 2001. Hammocks, beaches, blues seas and tropical storms.

British Virgin Islands '01

The group journal we kept in the BVI. We took it in turns to write up a day each, it has been edited for spelling, punctuation and grammer and occasionally readability, but otherwise it is reproduced faithfully.

The Old Man of Hoy in a Day

Report of a twenty-four hour sprint from North Wales to the top of the Old Man of Hoy.

What's in your Bag?

Kit list for a forty-eight hour trip wild camping in the hills of the UK

Race to the Stones 2016 Kit List

Clothing and equipment notes from running a first 100km ultra-marathon.

Pacific Canada 1999

In the summer of 1999, four fresh-faced young undergraduates embarked upon a sea kayaking expedition to Canada’s Gulf Islands. This is their story.