Mapland : Navigation Task

Teaching map work is never easy and compass bearings seem to be one of the hardest topics for learners to grasp. Given an OS map to work from, there is often too much detail and to many lines that confuse them when they are first taking grid bearings.

I have used a task called Mapland a few times with significant success. By removing much of the confusing information and including only what the learner needs to take their bearing, they can concentrate on getting the technique right before transferring that skill to proper topographical maps.

The PDF for the task is linked below. There are four questions on the sheet which learners can attempt. No mention is made of magnetic deviation (GMA) as this will vary depending on where the learners are, feel free to include it if you think it will be useful.

Also, no answers are given. If you are teaching this it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to work them out!

Mapland Navigation Task PDF

It’s licensed under the Creative Commons system so feel free to share it around. Happy Navigation!