Tools, Activities and Reviews

List of Emotions

A list of more that 3000 words describing emotions in British English.

Reviewing Method : Fear Factor

Before the start of an adventure course, this task allows everybody to understand what is causing nerves and stress in a group.

Poker Communication

A table top exercise designed to examine communcation, problem solving and planning in groups

Sorry Cards

Even when we know we are wrong, or have wronged someone else, it's hard to say Sorry. Sorry Cards are designed to reduce the barriers to apologising

Mapland : Navigation Task

A task for novice navigators learning to take compass bearings off a map.

Fried Eggs and Group Discussions

If you watch any group discussion where more than 3-4 people the group begin to resemble a fried egg. Both physically and conceptually, people place themselves either in the yolk, the white, or outside the egg entirely.

Ten Questions to Ask Before Conducting a Review

Choosing the right form of review is a skilled task, more art than science. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before you dive into your next review

Reviewing Method : Verbs

A quick method for starting out a review (or reviving one that is stalling).